Monday, October 17, 2016

Ride 7 Shultz Creek, Sunset, Brookbank, AZT, Lower Moto, Middle Earth, Chimney Trail

It had a spook factor which pines often do, then I remember I was up high and maybe this place had bears and lions. Turns out I chased down 3 elk out of the forest, definitely never been that close to one, absolute beasts. I was all done with 10 miles in under an hour and was now ready for food. I was torn between car camping or doing the campground thing so I would have a shower and safe place to sleep. Not knowing the area well I went with the campground regretfuly. I laid down the mattress and sleeping bag and headed for a glorious shower. Then some food and then back to my campspot while I tried to fall asleep to various rude people not being considerate. One person in particular roled in at 1am and woke me up after I was asleep for 90 minutes. He then opened and closed his doors all morning and then set up his tent around 3pm, hammering staked with a rock for 20 minutes, setting off his car alarm twice........I ended up having a word with him and then I left since I was going to loose it. I screwed around until 5:30 and headed for the trailhead for Shultz Creek TH. Arriving I lazily geared up and with bright lights set off into a sleepless morning. The Shultz Creek Trail was a delight, a cozy climb as I warmed up heading thru the pines. Once light came I realized I as not on the mountain. As I head up Sunset trail I really knew I was on the mountain. It was a really hard climb and I was not in the best of spirits but chugged up none the less. I was rewarded when I crested a hill to receive the morning sun and great views all around. Then I was rewarded with absolute stunnign trail as I wound down and up Upper Brookbank. What an absolute joy it was to be in the mountains again, I never realized flagstaffs potential. With lots of fast descents and some chunk thrown in this was one of the best trails I have ever ridden. With a smile on my face I was soon down the mountain and headed for the AZT Trail. This was another surprise, absolute prisitine anrrow single track laced with meadows and pines. Very flowy and all a nice smooth Dh pace I would my way for a very very good ride. I hopped onto Moto where things were still unbelievably good all the way to the car. I am absolutely amazed at the trails I rode this morning and can't wait to get back here. That wrapped up the trip as I headed home I couldnt not believe how massively thankful I was that this trip came to life.

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