Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ride 4 Little Creek Mountain

I researched this little gem and was excited to get out alongside Gooseberry Mesa. As I stormed up the Mountain I was greeted with a unique ride spot, lush with plenty or rocks and views to boot. I went with the YT Capra again on this ride since it was going to be bumpy, and my YT kills it on everything. The pedal began with a mellow uphill, and a pleasant ride through pine and scrub oak for a good while. It resembled Gooseberry Mesa quite a bit and go figure since it was only 10 miles away. When there was open rock and plenty of it, your eyes would have to hunt down rock cairns scattered all over the place. This was challenging at times but some spots were easier than others. Loving the change in scenery I soon hit the Rim, with huge views to Apple Valley below. The trail skirted on and off the rim. With no big ups or downs it was a cozy ride. I linked up a few trails and threw in lots of slick rock and some fun technical features. Halfway thru the ride I began to really get frustrated with finding cairns, love someone put in the work on them but my brain was getting tired and whipping out my phone to see how far off track I was getting was something to deal with. I had a good 10 miles in and made some wrong turns and my plan fell to pieces as I ended up on an unmarked trail. It meandered along a ton of slick rock and was poorly marked. This ride was slowly heading downhill as my brain and legs were about had and I just chugged on until it finally reached the rd. I missed 3 sections of trail I get to hit another trip out there sometime so something to look forward too and I will also know the trail much better. I enjoyed this very much, I would rate it higher than Gooseberry Mesa easily.

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