Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Final Day

The time had come for just one more ride in Utah, sad but happy to be out on the trail just one last time, I was dropped off at Corner Canyon Flight Park. This gave me a different route in with a nice change in scenery. A cold front rolled in and I was actually a bit chilled with a 48F breeze. Once I got moving it was glorious temperature though. I climbed up Ann's and zipped down to the tunnel, then up to the top of the trails and made my way to the new Mercer Hollow Trail. Looking down at the fresh cut swoopy trail I was excited. Hoping for a more jumpy trail it was good for only being a mile long so far. Nothing too wild but well built and hopefully they continue it down to the valley floor. I pedaled back up it and went for a Rush Run and then a Ghost Run. That would close up the ride, very very much enjoyed my time in Utah, wish I got in higher elevations and less ridden spots but I can't complain

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