Friday, October 7, 2016

Second Helping

We are here in Utah and it's amazing! The weather is so glorious, the time is precious. Again my wife wanted to hang with one of her friends so we had Landon under proper care and we were off to Eagle Mountain. My wife dropped me off at the trailhead and off I went. Now Eagle Mountain is not my favorite place to ride, but heard of a few new trails and was looking to check them out. The first helping was a session on the dirt jumps, wanted a pic of me flying, not much of one I got but still counts. Then I hefty pedal uphill and figuring out the best way up without using the road. I found a trail that made it supremely better than the road, with leg power I was on my first new trail calle Cow Tracks. Then onwards to Road Runner which was begging for more descent, a pretty fun run on it left me wanting more. I noticed the trail signs banning equestrian and motos, first time and kinda proud. Made my way to the real gem, Deadwood. This trail swooped around you called it, Dead Trees. No steep descent but fast and swoopy and long enough with the little area they have to work with. After that was over I crossed the road and back uphill I went on Treadstone, once I reached the summit, lightning began to rang and rain dribbled on me, a potent mini storm was only 3-4 miles away. I was concerned but after the most fun trail descent I put the storm at my back and headed away from it. Back up the to the ridge and Flintstone, a no holds barred rough n tough trail. You can get silly on a DH bike here for sure with some drops and gaps. Me on my rigid just took it easy and rode down clean. A bland dirt road ride into the neighborhood and back to the trailhead and up the ridge again I went this time legs slightly weak but happy to perform. I went a bit up cow tracks and hit my goal and headed for Hidden Canyon on a short ride and then to the gas station for pickup. Fun ride, wish I had the chance to get up high in the mountains where I life it best but this works.

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