Monday, October 17, 2016

Ride 6 Campbell Mesa

Arriving at Rampage was a familiar experience with lots of people and being among mountain bike legends. It's pretty crazy to see these heores just here doing their thing, I wanted to quite a few times have a conversation with some of them but I knew all to well the event was likely enough and they didn't need me bothering them. I think I probably would fan girl over Cam Zink the most, absolute legend and hero. As I found my way to a spot on the dirt and watched riders drop with pain staking long wait in between. The second rider I got to watch since I arrived slightly late due to massive ticket line, was Aggy. I watched his whole run and just as he laid out an dumped 360 onto a massively narrow landing he was unable to locate. He tumbled so damn hard I could not tell what had exactly happened but only I thought he was certainly completely broken. I now remember that sinking feeling as riders crash, it's absolutely terrible. A reminder when I watched Paul Bas tumble to his broken back last year. The medics scrambled around him and carted him off eventually where the threw the horns on the stretcher. The res of the comp was on edge, watching rider after rider drop. As always it's a fantastic place to be and see in person. I left the event early since wind conditions were detoriating as they did last year and I wanted to get my drive to Flagstaff over with. It was an absolute beaut of a ride to Flagstaff. I got into town and decided I would squeeze a ride in before heading for food and bed. I picked a spot close to the area and also simple enough to spend an hour pedaling. After a quick hunt on MTB Project I found a good fast loop. Campbell Mesa was the victim, I was bummed to have light moving to darkness as I geared up and had to run my light the entire ride. This place was fast, and very mellow with twisting trail among the pines.

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