Friday, October 7, 2016

Corner Canyon Wednesday!

The time arrived on wednesday evening, I had my lovely wife drop me off as she was headed to hangout with some of her friends. I had a hefty 4+ hour window to spin around and was absolutely thrilled! As I began pedaling I was steady but breathing was a bit rough, maybe altitude I dunno, SLC is not very high. It was an absolute beaut of a day, warm in the high 70's with fall in full effect. The trail were tacky and absolutely prime. As I climbed higher I began to try to make out a plan, I was climbing for Eagle Crest loop, I felt better as I got higher. I finally got a little DH for relief that was very short lived until I would reach toe Top of Rush, I kind of cutoff a group about to enter, I didn't want to be stuck behind anyone let alone a group. Good thing I did since the endure bros couldn't hang with me on my Rigid :) It was a fast run down and felt like one of my best, the trail was primo! I then climbed back up and all around for another two hours. At about hour 3 I felt my legs beginning to wear but still had plenty left. I hit 30 miles shortly after and then headed for one more run down Ghost falls. Then over to shoreline as far as I could take it and then few miles of pavement to Dimple Dell. I planned to end the ride at Cafe Rio in Sandy. I needed my headlamp once I got to Dimple Dell, was bummed to find the mount missing, so I wobbly held it in my hand for 20 minutes as I went down the path. Once I hit 1300 E I was very close to my old home in Sandy. I looked for my wallet and it was not to be found. My wife was 8 miles away with her friends so instead of sitting around I decided to ride to her. It was interesting riding through the neighborhoods and I got it done. 46 miles, about 35 on dirt. My kind of start to the trip!

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