Monday, October 17, 2016

Ride 5 Guacamole

I rolled up Dalton Flats Rd in the dark to camp at the trailhead for next mornings ride. I was surprised to find a party atmosphere up there with lots of people. I can say that it was comforting having people around since when I am far out in the sticks it's good to know others are around, especially when your sleeping. I saw lots of trucks and campers and it was surely athletes and teams up there for sure. I found a cozy site just a half mile down the rd, enough to have some quiet but close enough to hear my screams of terror shall a man bear pig attack in the night. Lots of cars kept rolling in thru the night, the music blasted, I took a walk down to check it out, feeling socially awkward I didn't engage anyone so I walked back and got comfortably into my sleeping bag for the night. I fell asleep tot he sound of dirt bikes zipping by on night rides. I fell asleep hard, so hard that I only woke twice in the night which was a big deal. I got up at 5:30 and lay in my sleeping bag as I woke slowly. It was chilly out, it could have been much worse in October but it was chilling as I got out of my bag and geared up. I was dreading such early rides this whole trip but they were mandatory to ride the offerings of Guacamole and get the venue to watch redbull rampage. So at 6 I headed steadily into the night, there were others awake but they were not riding, they were heading to work for the day at Rampage. The darkness was fine and would not last long. I rode Margerita out onto salt on the rim where I already ditched my winter thermal. Added in the west link and then back onto Margarita. The trail was a mix of smooth sandy dirt and slickrock so far. I was desperately looking forward to the views as the light came slowly. Views or not this was very enjoyable trail, nice narrow single track all to myself. After a healthy dose of very very good trails I was now on holy guacamole. This trail was absolutely amazing, beautiful ribbon trail laced with greenery and dead burned trees. The views across were vast and beautiful. I had the virgin valley to one side and Zion National Park on the other. The landscape reflected my experience in the park, absolutely incredible. This ride is an absolute gem, the fact that we mountain bikers have it is an absolute blessing. As i looped around it just got better, in and out of many slick rock sections. My hands and arms sore but not my legs from the prior days riding I was still in charge on the superfly. Rounding out the loop I was left with just 2 miles back the way I came, slightly bummed to have to end it but I had perfect timing for a departure for the Rampage Venue.

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