Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ride 3 Zen

Ok ride 3, the second one of the morning. This time it was easy to navigate my way to the beginning since I already had in the dark the ride before. It was marked red on trailforks app so this one was going to be a workhorse. I was armed with my YT Capra and it did a beast of a job getting up there. I was cranking hard from the begining as it wound it's way up the hillside. Things got near impossible in one spot and then I got back to pedaling. As I got further so did the valley floor. The trail did eventually peak out and I was more than ready for some DH. I snapped a few pics on the cliff and down I went. It was a short but very fun ride down, kind of reminded of Captain Ahab in Moab. I guess I was not done climbing since the trail took me uphill. The scenery was quite awesome, lots of light and dark colors of rock and technical features. I thought this trail had drops and jumps but I guess I got it wrong. Glad to have a much more fun ride than the earlier one. I really enjoyed Zen for the short 7 miles that it is. Got back to the truck and headed for ride 4!

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