Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Case Bites

Got out this evening and it couldn't be sooner! I had planned for a ride and it did come together thankfully, I have been working 11 hour days to make up for having friday and saturday off since we are going out of town so we got a 6:00 start. The day was perfect with party cloudy skies the temps were warmer than I would like at 83 degrees but summer is still welcome. A few minutes into the ride and I was feeling funny, I found out soon later that it was the helmet missing on my back to the car I went and got it on and shook it off. Me and Bentley tore up blue and over yellow grey down to the river for a good drink for me doggie, and up the hills we went. I couldn't help but notice the bugs taking a liking to me, they were biting the crap out of me. We were making good time even with me swatting and rubbing off the mosquitos. Over to tinti and down the the reservoir we rolled solid and fast. Said hello to a few doggies and up case mountain to catch the sunset. we sat at the lookout and I wish I could somehow get a picture of the two of us. Down to the car soon later and to home we went.

Case bites

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