Monday, May 9, 2011

Case Rains

So saturday was a beautiful day, I had to work until 1 but I had my bike and all my gear ready for action as soon as I was done at work. Finally one had come and I was running home to grab Bentley. As I drove I noticed some thunderstorm clouds were moving in but it was not phasing my plan to ride. I got to Case and the sun was still shining and as soon as I hit the trail I went to take a picture and and then the sun had stopped shining at that very instant. As I rode deeper into case the threat of rain seemed more of a possibility, not until the bridge crossing did I get a few drops. Over on tinti is when I heard the thunder roll and it started to drizzle consistently. Still not a very big deal for me, we were loving the ride and cruising real fast with and average speed op 7mph. When we got by the reservoir we cruised right through and then the rain began to pickup. By the end of the ride bentley was soaked and me as well but no mud was made in the making. Didn't have time to take many pictures since I was on my way to my parents that night. The rain didn't bother either one of us, it was actually pretty cool.

Case rains

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