Monday, May 30, 2011

Daily Dose

So it has been tough lately finding time to ride, between weather, work and life itself. It's good to do other things other than mountain biking but when the opportunity arises I put it into action! I had just gotten home on sunday afternoon after spending an amazing weekend up in the green mountains with my beautiful wife for our 2nd year wedding anniversary. Since we had a nice long weekend monday was still free in the morning. I had planned an early ride so it would leave most the day free but when I heard the thunder and lightening strikes outside the window I knew my plans had changed. I slowly woke up around 9 and noticed that things outside were changing and the wall of weather I saw on the radar had passed an it looked like today was going to shape up. But I saw all the water and decided it might be best to stay home. About 11:30 the sun was out and it was getting hot out and I decided I was going to give case a shot. I arrived to a completely empty parking lot which is rare on the worst of days. I realized I might be turning around shortly into the ride. So I pedaled in and to my surprise things were very firm. Things were smooth sailing through just a couple puddles and surprisingly no mud was to be found. Lots of tricky roots and rocks that had me on my toes and once even over the bars. I have gotten quite good at casually going over the bars, I don't know if its the no suspension, the 29 inch wheels or ride position maybe....but I have gotten very good as not to panic while I am loosing the endo and getting to meet the dirt. I usually find myself catching both palms on the ground and pretty much doing a downwards pushup absorbing the force into the ground like a set of suspension. Any who we did a short loop while getting eaten alive by mosquitos and sweating my face off but a good time was still had. An hour and 10 minutes into it we were had and back at the car seeking refuge from the biting jerks. Bentley was pooped form the weekend in VT but he had a great time and it was good to be out.


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