Sunday, May 1, 2011

Down but not out

The last week has wreaked havoc on my body with the allergy season in full swing. I can honestly remember never having allergies, until about three years ago I started to develop these spring allergies. This season has proven to be the worst, itchy eyes, runny nose, itchy nose, swollen wheezy throat, sinus congestion, no sleeping, dry mouth, nausea just pure hell. It could be worse and I am a bit of a complainer so I will stop now. I was not feeling good at all this morning, I even got out of bed early while LuAnn slept a few more hours, but as the day progressed I felt a little better and with the sun shining, all I could think about was a ride. I got the go ahead and 10 minutes later I was out the door with my best buddy headed for Case. I have the 29er in the shop right now since the headset is starting to stick so I was going to ride the Kona. We got to the park and a lot of people were on their way out which was fine by me. I definitely felt the weight of the kona and the 26 inch wheels but that was ok cause I enjoy being able to sit down and pedal and also having those gears! I made it up quite a bit of stuff today I would normally walk, which lead me to wanting a new rear cog for the 29er even more. I had an idea of making a figure 8 with the trail system and I am happy that I accomplished that goal. It was a beautiful day and despite my misery I was having a great time. The kona was feeling great I might say, I might be riding it more often! I even made it quite a way up slick rock which is something that surprised me. Bentley was having a good old time getting into the mud and drinking out of every stream we crossed, by time we made it to the reservoir I had planned to let him go for a swim if he desired. I stick helped convince him to get into the water as he proudly retrieved three time for me. We ripped out of there with still some gas left in my tank and made our way back to case mountain. Finished the big loop and now for the little loop on the figure 8. Got back to the car and off to home we went. I was glad I didn't let my allergies get the best out of me, I was sooo glad I got to ride it felt really good out there and I was very thankful to be able to be.

Down but not out

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