Saturday, April 30, 2011

Case beating

So our normal thursday night ride got canceled due to thunderstorms but it was no big deal because we made it up friday night. We were rolling 6 people deep and we started off for case mountain. Things were going good and all seemed well until I started falling behind fast on the climb after the bridge. I was climbing so hard and my legs were burning and my heart was pounding, something just didn't feel right. I try to keep up on tinti and and just getting smoked. I finally get off the bike and see what the problem is. Not one but both of my brakes are dragging bad. I pull the pads back and start pedaling again and it immediately felt better. I catch up to the group a mile later and the brakes are rubbing again. I continue to ride despite the problem fighting all the way. I had to leave the group because I just couldn't stay on the gas pedal enough to keep up with them. Was extremely frustrating but still so good to get out.


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