Thursday, April 7, 2011

110 miles and counting

I am very excited to be tracking my milage this season since I am curious as to how many miles I log on the trail every season. I know 110 miles so far doesn't seem like much but with the rain and only 10 rides I think it is a pretty good start! I was expecting to join a group ride this afternoon but I arrived to the trailhead to find no one. I guess I was the only one who showed and I was running a few minutes late so GI had taken off into the woods. I met up with him later on and had a friendly hello and we parted ways. I am really digging riding case in so many different varieties. I rode opposite around the reservoir and it was awesome! There were quite a few people out today enjoying the weather. Bentley met many dogs and even had a little encounter with a pack of like 15 dogs, how two people try to manage that many dogs out in the woods is quite funny but there was no blood shed. It is funny how anxious people are to get out when spring hits but it normally follows with less and less users as the season goes on. Which is fine by me because I want it all to myself! As usual I was trying to keep a fast pace and it was working up until the last 45 minutes of the ride. I keep hoping lunch at 1:00 holds me over on the ride but it never seems to by the end of the ride. I had a aching hungry belly and tired legs but I still kept pedaling since I was forced to. We hit the car before dark and I sped home to cook some expired chicken only to find out when it was all cooked. It's ok cause I had made sweet potato fries and garlic rice.

Good day

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