Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Calm Before The Storm

We got a buttload of rain yesterday but the temperature was warmer than normal, that and the sun we had all day made me confident the trails were mostly dry. I am so thankful that case drains so well because the trails were better than I can ever remember them. The clouds started to form and I knew that with the moisture in the air that rain at anytime was possible. I decided today to take some routes I may at some time been on but ride them in different loops and backwards and what not to keep things interesting. Bentley loyally trotted by my side eager to shred any dirt he could get his paws on. We rode lots of fun stuff and was having a blast. I conquered a stream crossing today, I have always knew I could do it but today I decided to hammer down and see how far I can get and sure enough I made it across all the rocks and didn't touch a drop of water! Felt pretty good but I knew it was somewhat easy. Can't wait to get out and ride again!

Case storm

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