Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hale of a good day

It's weekend time and I got out for a 2:00 ride today with some fellow riders. We met up at Nathan Hale homestead forest over in coventry area. I haven't slept much the last few days and I questioned my motivation in going and then I told myself what are you thinking, its warm, sun is out, bike works, life is good so I got out there. I a very gad I did, since we were riding with johns wife we rode a little slower than we normally do which was very welcomed by me. Sadly part way through the ride I forgot to continue tracking on my GPS so it got cut short on our break we took. The ride was great, parts of the trail I have never seen in daylight and it was nice to see how cool the landscape was. Bentley came with as usual and ran by whoever's side he was welcomed to. The ride was good and can't wait to get back! It looks like shenipsit state forest for tomorow morning can't wait!

Hale of a good day

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