Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy 29er dude

So today was my first outing on the Dawg, wholly crap what a world of difference. I must say the extra squish of the suspension feels great riding especially sitting down, the pedals have great clearance so I am not hitting every other rock with my crank arms, and shifting gears to climb certain obstacles was definately a nice feature. But the downsides were rolling on those seemingly small wheels, I found myself constantly pedaling and getting nowhere..... The added weight was certainly felt as well as I was climbing up Case mountain. I still choose my 29er over the dawg but it is great to be able to experience both worlds cause they really are two different beasts. I was real lazy on the ride today which wasn't helping, I felt like I was dragging a boat anchor. It was good to be back with the dawg since we shared so many great rides together and I am happy that I revived the bike some. The brakes I am pretty unpleased with, they are hayes ryder I believe and they are weak. Few other people were out enjoying what conditions we had before they get worse later this week. Let's hope for another midweek ride before the weekend comes.

Lazy man

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  1. if we ever have a son i would like to name him "Niner" as in 29niner...I don't know, i Just like it little Niner Roy :)