Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday

So the weather finally moved out friday and I knew the weekend was going to shape up to be quite nice. I was unable to get out saturday since I was tied up with family, but I knew my sunday was wide open for a ride. Although I was not feeling 100% like going out and riding since we all have our lazy days but I made sure I got out. Hit the trail about 10:30 and it was windy but it was warm. Definitely some nice conditions were to be had today, there were quite a few other riders out as well enjoying the nice day. I got riding and I had made plans in my head to trek out to the rainbow trail which is a bit of a distance but I thought I could get it done in a 2 hour ride. Man was I wrong, by the time I made it close to the trail I was 55 minutes into the ride so I made the decision to just put together a few trails and head back. Me and Bentley made our way down the the reservoir and I sat down on a log taking in the views. They were Incredible, I think bentley was even enjoying them as well, he was zipping in and out of the water and running around having a good old time! Soon enough we made our way around the lake and back up to line street and back to the car. Was a great day and had a really good ride, sluggish at times but I am glad I got it in before the rain this monday tuesday.

Line st out loop

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