Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Day at Case

If your wondering why I ride case so much, it is because it dries out very fast compared to most riding places, also its not a really good mix of riding and it just never gets old. So we had some thunderstorms pass through last night as well as this afternoon. I decided to wait and see what it did before I got all wound up and excited for a ride only to be disappointed. Around 3 the sky started to open up and I could see a glow in the distance that looked quite good. I knew then I was planning on hitting the trail this evening. Got home from work and shot out the door and got a 5:30 start just like I wanted, I had a loop put together in my head and surely I pieced it together. We hit the reservoir and it as always was such a good site to see, I threw a stick and in went Bentley slapping away at the water. He came back and I threw it once more and then he made it back to shore and off we went for the power lines. Up the terrible rocky steep gravel dirt sections and we were riding along Birch mountain rd through some of the best single track Case offers. Back up Case mountain on the blue trail and hit the summit very quickly, caught the sun even before it went down, we must have been cooking. Down pink and hit the little pond sections, I couldn't help but think about just last week how me and LuAnn were riding the trail. I wish she was there with me enjoying the sweet ride. Another fantastic day out there, tomorrow I have off so I better go venture out to somewhere new.

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  1. I wish I could join you in your adventures. the pictures are always great, and bentley is so cute.