Friday, April 15, 2011

Breathing New Life Into The Dawg

Some maintenance on the dawg has been long over due. Every factory part that came on the bike has held up great and has far exceeded my expectations. I decided with the tax return to get some new parts. I know the drivetrain was the best place to start since so many miles have gone. While I would like to upgrade many more parts I worked well with my 400$ budget. In the end the rig got SLX Crankset, new chain, shimano xt cassete, hayes ryder brakes, WTB Prowler MX tires and a cane creek S3 headset. I got out on the trail today and the drivetrain was popping and skipping but somehow by the end everything worked itself out and was pedaling like a dream. I was overall very happy with my investment and feel good about brining life back into the kona. I have been riding so much rigid it will be nice to be ready to ride something with some squish. Hopefully more upgrades to come soon.

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