Tuesday, May 3, 2011

West Hartford Rezy

Despite my swollen eyes one actually half closed, I managed to hit the trails yet again today. I had ambitions to travel somewhere I have never been before but I decided to head to hartford which I have been to once. The conditions were great, despite the tree pollen, I parked in the main lot which starts off on nice smooth level gravel road. I followed the perimeter of the fence and then started to head up the mountain. There was a lot of single track heading up the mountain which was very welcomed. I was also pleased with the amount of climbs nothing was too steep and crazy which was nice since it was my third day straight riding. Bentley was left at home to rest after the 20 miles he did earlier this week, not that he needs the rest but I like to think it is good for him in the long run, he was sorely missed. Got up on the ridge and rode a bunch of shale loose rocky stuff that was very fun on my full suspension. Did a few quick downs and some log rides and things were going great. Headed back down the mountain ended up at a muddy river with nowhere to go but through it. I hopped on sticks and used the bike to cross it it was ugly. Up a 10 foot grassy hill and I was back on naked tiny single track. I look down and two ticks are crawling on me and I freak out and get them off before they plant their diseases. Pedal through the east side of the reservoir which is pretty quick and smooth and I was done in an hour twenty. I felt like I wanted more but I was anxious to get out of the pollen filled air so I could live with it. On the way home my eyes were so terrible I cannot even describe what it feels like. I had to stop at brooks and pickup special eye drops. Back home and iced my eyes and popped a calritin and I was much better.

Hartford rez

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  1. Hi pedaling ginger!
    as your follower I was just wondering if you do anything else besides riding your bike and taking pictures... j/k!
    i love the updates, and your little trail buddy:)