Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday was an active day

The weather has been great and it has been a great motivation to get out and enjoy the spring weather. Unfortunately this usually means a suffer fest from my allergies but with all the prescriptions and products I have now it is somewhat manageable. I decided to start the morning off right with a bike ride and as I said I would try to get somewhere new every tuesday I stuck to that plan and adventured over to salmon river forest in marlboro. The air was cool and sun was warm and there was no Bentley to be joining my ride since he was still so pooped out from a weekend at my parents. I missed him allot and wish he was with me but I was able to make due by myself. After a bit of trailhead searching I came across the entrance which was a rail trail. It was a great way to start the ride off on a flat wide beautiful pathway. I found some single track off to my right and according to my research it should be what I am looking for. The trails had no markings which made navigation a little less certain but added some adventure to it. Was rolling on some really great single track and I was having a blast. I was kicking myself for not getting there sooner, I was also saying to myself this is the best stuff I have ridden since I moved. It did lack technical but it made up for it in narrow single track and smoothness. Made my to the top and found another trail I intended to ride and it was incredible, twisty, tight and all the good things that make a good trail. I rode it all the way back down to near when I started and got onto another new trail and goofed around on those trails and before I knew it I was back at the rail trail pedaling happily to the car. It was an amazing ride and am dying to get back there!

Salmon river forest awesomeness

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After the Bike ride I was able to talk LuAnn into going for a ride together on the rail trail near our house. I have seen and been on small parts of it but never as much as we had done before. We got to the trailhead which was so nice and close, and we hit the trail pedaling fast. The trail is very very smooth and quite picturesque. It was really thankful to be out together and I was lucky to have her by my side. We rode all the way to the objective which was valley falls which is familiar to us since we walk our doggies there every week. We did make it there and even pedaled a little further. We then took a couple pictures and headed back which was even faster. We made it to the car in no time and we loaded up the car and headed home to get ready for the next adventure.

We got home and headed right back out to walk our doggies at valley falls. The weather was still very nice out and it was very nice to be out as a family and enjoying the afternoon. We did our normal loop and by the end I think we were all pretty tired out and were ready to get home. It was one heck of a great day and so glad I got to spend it with my hot wife!

Valley falls walk

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