Monday, May 2, 2011

Pushing around penwood

So i was checking good old and saw that alex had posted up a penwood ride. I had not been to penwood in some time and was looking forward to the change of scenery. We met at the parking lot at 5:30 and got riding and wholly crap did it start off rough. It was weird to not have the 29er since the two other fellas both had rigid SS. The squish felt good but after pedaling around case on sunday the legs were a little sore from the ride position and extra bike weight. None the less I kept pushing on what seemed to be and endless climb. We reached the ridge and the views were so good! I love penwood for this exact reason, the views of the valley below are fantastic. We shot over to blue and things were going great. Got down some rocky technical stuff safely and enjoyed a few steep lines and before I knew it we were headed back to close the loop. Took a slight detour onto a green blazed trail and was really enjoying it. Had the right amount of turns and climbing and all it was great. We rode back down the green trail and hit the fire road and then hit the longest steepest climb ever onto the metacomet trail. It did eventually end thankfully and some good downhill action to the parking lot was had. A great day riding and can't wait to get back. Now for tomorrow do I beat the legs some more on somewhere new or play it safe at Case.......decisions...

Penwood eve

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