Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring is here

The spring weather is here, I had not gotten on a ride in a whole week with the weather. I was more ready to ride than ever so me and Bentley hit the trails hard. Well I wish harder but I was feeling lazy unfortunately, must have been that quantity of pasta 30 minutes before the ride...none the less we showed up at Case pond lot and started to get ready for the ride. The sky was cloudy with patches of blue and warming sunshine. We headed up case mountain to do the normal blue out to tinti and reservoir and back and had a really good time riding. The trails were moist from the previous days of wet weather but they were drying as we tore it up. Bentley was full speed ahead, he had a good rest since I was avoiding taking him out since he came home with 8+ ticks on them that made their deathbeds on our bedroom carpet. So nasty I cannot stand those little critters, especially on my sons......Ticks aside I planned on Bentley going for a swim which might help if he got any I was thinking anyway. So we stopped at buckingham reservoir and for a swim he went! He was loving it and he swam quite good. We then headed back up case mountain where is proceeded to mist and minutes late POUR! NO biggy since the last 5 minutes were pretty wet. The pictures might not look like rain was coming but that's spring!

Spring case

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  1. Poor Bentley! Seeing a tick in my dog would freak me out! I can't imagine 8! Glad everything is ok :)