Sunday, May 15, 2011

Case on the run

With these busy weeks and fluctuating weather patterns, saturday after work has become a good time to ride consistently. It also doesn't hurt to burn off that steam from the work week and try to relax the nest day and half. We were heading down to my parents for the rest of the weekend so it was necessary to ride a quick pace and somewhere close. So none other than good old case was the plan of action and as always it had rewarded me. It was an overcast day and managed to get home and grab bentley for the ride and we were off. Hit the trail and had a game plan for a lengthy but fast 90 minute journey. Made our way up blue and hit the river and bentley had a good thirsty drink form the stream and then back up the mountain we went and over to tinti trail. Tinti trail is a remade version of the old trail which had been destroyed by logging. Someone has gone out and rebuilt it and I am quite glad they did. It has a pretty cool look to it with all the scattered dead trees, also boasts probably the most single track Case has to offer. We mached through there and headed down to the reservoir where in the distance I saw a curly large white dog and it was none other than bentley the other labradoodle. He has the same name as my doggy and it pretty much the same breed. I was not in the mood to stop but could not help letting the two of them run around together. Bentley seems to enjoy his own kind for some reason, he seems to have had the best encounters with playing with his own breed for some reason. After 5 minutes of that we were back at it and headed towards the finish line. Tried to clear the rocks that stroll across the river and found myself in the injection seat. Caught myself swiftly and avoided any injuries and back up case mountain we went. The last 10 minutes were great, the sun was out and it felt sooooo good. Down case mountain and back to the car we were to be rushing home to get ready for the weekend. Thank you case you never fail me!

Case rocks

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