Monday, September 26, 2011

Quiet Time

Set off on yet another venture to Case sunday afternoon. I was lounging around all day saturday and enjoying it, John posted up a ride for 9:30 but I was feeling quite lazy still and I knew I would have alot of work to do chasing him around for 3 hours. So I took care of all the stuff I needed to do in the morning and even got the car waxed! I wasn't really planning on riding but it was in the back of my mind. By 1:00 I was thinking more and more about it and by 3:00 I was on the trail with bentley. We Got alot of rain friday so Case was the plan which didn't matter to me cause I love the place. We got started at the pond lot and made our way uphill. It was very warm out being 80 degrees and humid but the bugs were out but not as bad, I did put 100% deet on myself since I am so sick and tired of getting hit. The legs felt great, probably from giving them good rest after wednesday and thursday beating but they were strong on the geared squishy kona. I made my way to the viewpoint where I came upon some familiar faces so I followed them down to line st where they were parked and I set off on my own again. Took a silly spill when my front tire washed out on me suddenly, it's a front suspension kind of thing I wasn't prepared for which sent me off the bike whacking a good bit on my ankle. I shook it off and wondered if I could continue riding and as I rode it felt funny but it did feel better. Bentley got spookled by some guy with a huge walking stick, he either defensively aimed it at him or something because I have never seen him so spooked, Bentley struggled to find a way around him so he ran past him as fast as he could barking ahead of him in intimidation it was quite hysterical watching the whole thing go down. Made my way over to the side of ther reservoir where there is a hillside with singletrack popping up and I am liking it. Around the reservoir and up to the water crossing. Over onto blue and to the car we went. It was a really great ride at my own pace, a slow 5.0 average mph was not very fast but it was nice to be out on a great day and I was extremely glad I decided to get out and ride. I am doing pretty good at averaging 3 rides a week and I hope I can keep it up.

Case hippy

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