Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mix At Case

Tuesday night ride pulled together at 6 and yet again it was Derek Paul Bentley and myself. I got my 29er back rolling and it was good to be back on but only had like 20% of my rear brake which made the evening tricky but still doable. We set off at 6 and headed uphill, things were going well and I was getting used to the one gear in back which I can't wait to replace with a 22 tooth. We looped up n around just about every trail without crossing the bridge. It was a great mixup of trails thatI really enjoyed. Got stung crossing one stream yet again, it was dark but that sucker found me and really pissed me off. Lights went on and I had much better success with my junk Lights and motion strapped to my bar with my combo headlamp which made riding much more easier on the eyes and brain. Still I would like something twice as bright but my setup definitely works. We ended our second to last trail on a difficult par 4. Gears would certainly come in handy on the last climb to the fire road. All in all another fun sweat, mosquito filled evening of good fun! Got some new gear on the way can't wait!

Twisting at case

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