Friday, September 9, 2011

Wet Case

Got a crazy amount of rain the last few days and I thought for sure this ride would not happen, but on my drive to work between pouring rain storms I saw blue sky and then eventually the sun was out! It was a great sight. I guess it was going to be out much the day and it did so which gave a fighting chance at getting on the trail. The time had come and the ride was still on and I was glad since I hadn't gotten to do a group ride in awhile. Some of the normals didn't show so it was up to just me and John which was fine by me. We carried up the carriage path and took a look at the trail and went for it. This weren't even soaked it was crazy, just a few wet spots but no mud. The skies were dark but my legs strong and was still enjoying the ride through the woods. We rode blue out and looped the reservoir and headed back as light was fading. Despit the gloomy dark evening I was in good spirits and had a really great ride! Should be riding tomorrow morning probably back at case since Hale is probably still under water. No pics but I will post a few dream bikes of mine.......I wish I had all the money in the world to buy a sick bike! til then my humble raleigh and 6 yr old Dawg is doing the trick!

Case wet

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