Thursday, September 22, 2011

Case Mixing it up

This wednesday Derek posted up a wednesday night ride which I have gotten to attend for the second week now and I was very glad I did. The ride was set for 6:00 and it was derek, paul, bentley and me. I was lacking energy from the start which was troublesome with the rig and it unfortunately lead to me not being able to keep up with those two as I would have liked but it really was no big deal as long as they didn't mind waiting for me from time to time. I forgot to start the gps in the begining but I imagine it was off for a mile or riding. We did recieve rain earlier that day but sun and clouds made it a great start to the ride. It was way warmer than I liked but the ride was going on regardless. We climbed up mountain and I felt it heavily on my legs, they were already sore and weak for some reason but I was going to power through it and try to keep up. We started to take quite a different route from any other ride Derek has lead which made it a good change from the standard routes. We went and rode a really good piece of trail abover the reservoir that I really enjoyed. I probably like it so much because its smooth and twisty down the hill and not very rocky at all. I wish that area was bigger so that more trails could be in there but I am happy with what it has. Lights went on and up tinti we went, another tough climb for me with bentley at my side. Downhill to blue and at the bridge where we cranked in the darkness back to the car painfully for me. I was slow the whole ride but stayed consistent, I really hope I can get another light for night riding, it is proving difficult with just a headlamp I don't find myself looking ahead nearly enough. Mighty good ride and finished it up with nice couch time and the new season of modern family. We will see if tonight's ride happens.

Case mix up

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