Monday, September 19, 2011

Hale Of a Good Ride!

Really great ride opn saturday with Paul and John. Paul posted on the bikerag and was looking to get to Hale and saturday pulled together and the three of us were all set for 11:30. As usual I was excited for the ride and even Bentley was showing enthusiasm as I was gearing him up and left the house and he ran all the way to the homestead to meet with the fellas. We set off on the standard trails and it was so nice not getting torn up by the mosquitos let me tell you! I quickly lost Bentley as he yielded to the back of the pack and I began to worry about him since he is always by my side but with another dog in our pack and a rider behind me he was yielding to anyone behind him, smart doggy. Made our way up the what I would call a ridge kind of and found a huge long log ride that I stupidly did not take a picture of. Must have been good 50ft and I decided waht the heck I will try it, the get on was very tricky but not that hard, I got both tires on the log and began to ride and my balance and speed was perfect and I kept yelling out loud "what the hell" I am still on this thing more than once while I kept going and going and going! It was a long log ride thats for sure and I was very surprised how I rode the entire thing on the first shot but it felt great! We then sped downhill and onto bi-polar where midway I hear Paul yell bees! and before I could think I was already hit on the arm. We pedaled quickly out of there but not before Paul got hit twice and I assume Bentley did not get hit but he did have a funny look on his face coming out of the brush. I had not been stung by a bee in a long time and it sucked. Judging by my swollen elbow the jerk got me pretty good. Off we went to a tough one, scoliosis. I was on the full suspension so thing definitely went smoother but still one tough mother. John had the great idea of shooting over to the north side of the road which was good news which would add some miles and more mellow trail. I think the north side is underated and I always enjoy riding that side. I was slowing down by now, they kept disapearing in the distance but my good pal Bentley kept me by his side and we powered through it. We hit some more log rides along the way which I unfortunately did not conquer but did manage to ride bits and pieces but John and Paul dialed them in and had success. Soon we hit the car and we parted ways and I rode my bike home and reflected on a great ride! Fall is welcomed with open arms despite the snow that will soon fall.........

Hale full pull

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