Friday, September 2, 2011

Nathan Hale Home Ride

Between the headache and chaos of the last few weeks, we officially moved into the house on wednesday! Between a busy morning of moving things around while LuAnn attended school I got out and snuck out a little 90 minute ride. The ride was to be at Hale which is now a blistering 90 second pedal down the road to singletrack from my house! I am so incredibly lucky to live right on the border of the state forest. I also have Coventry lake just down the street at my disposal as well! Well the day was pretty warm and sunny which is always good conditions. Little did I know about the swarms of mosquitos that were awaiting me in the woods. With no bug spray I continued on into the woods were I soon met with a downed tree.....I was like nervous since it was on top of the first strip of trail I got on and was wondering if this was a sign of things to come. As I carried on to my surprise the trail was not too bad. The trail was littered with many small branches but nothing major. My singlespeed did a great job as it spit up and chewed up the pieces behind me. I was a bit nervous for my bike but nothing traumatic I could see coming from it. I removed alot of debris from the trail as I came across it, which unfortunately led to getting swarmed by the damn mosquitos. I did the best I could removing and riding but certainly was not clearing the entire trail. I know I will frequent here alot in the next weeks and I have plenty of time to do some clearing. The ride was good as I pressed onto the south end of the park and came across even more mosquitos and a three good sized down trees. For the amount of woods I was really surprised how many trees had not fallen. I was running out of time and tried a few ways back to the homestead but judging by the red lines on my everytrail you can see I failed....I should be getting out saturday for a good long ride if all goes well, I have ridden so little in the last 3 weeks it has made me sad but I am still working on that 1,000 mile goal for the year.

Hale welcome home

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