Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Country Life

Finally all settled into our home for the next 11 months. It was a grueling week but luckily it is behind us and now we can move onto bigger and better things. Renting our very own house is a tease as to what it will be like to have our very own house but for now even with renting it feels pretty great to call it home. I live out in the quiet woods which some of you may know is where I like it. Not too quiet with a grocery store 5 minutes away its not that far out. I do have 1500 acres of single track biking and dog walking heaven right at my front door as well! I always dreamed of having trails right at my front door and I can say it is a reality now. I wish I did not have to work 70 miles away which sucks up a lot of my free time and mother nature is not helping much either with fall coming. Still have some things to buy and stuff to move around but this is pretty much settled all in! LuAnn is now 10 minutes from school which I hope she can abuse fully since our family is back in CT for her so important education! The hottest orthodontist you will ever see! On saturday we decided to head down to mystic for a seaside drive and I was very glad we did. Mystic seaport is a very famous coastal town known for its sight and history. We drove the shoreline and admired the beautiful houses before we made our way into town. As usual we wished we lived in such a cool location and I envied their views. We walked around Mystic and had dinner at a very popular S&P Oyster Company. It was very good and was even better being on a date with my wife. We have plans to go back soon and do more things we did not have money or time to do. On sunday we visited the farmers market this sunday which was really cool, got some very fresh kettle corn, two different types of local cheese, farm fresh eggs, and some fudge :) Stuff is pricey but proud and locally grown, the farmers market here in coventry has won many awards. Ahhhh the good life....

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