Thursday, September 29, 2011


As always a good ride. Met up with Paul and Pat and we decided to do a reverse loop throwing in a couple of good trails in between which was recipe for a great ride. We started on wiggle and it was very tricky in the opposite direction but a fun challenge. Pat had said he had not been riding much and said he would be hurting but it was quite the opposite, me and paul played catchup most the ride while Pat lead us onto some great trails. A much larger amount of leaves were on the ground than expected, the weather has been far from fall with little wind and 80 degree weather. I am going to buy a rake this week and start raking some trails to give back to the other guys that do a good job in most the places I ride. Anyway back to the ride, halfway into it Pat snapped his chain, with some repair he got it back going and shortly after the chain going once again where he called it and walked back to the car. So me and Paul rode on and made our way into the north end of the park. Light was fading in the thick and the lights went on and man it was tough for a little bit with some overgrowth and not getting a good eye on the trail ahead of me on the rigid. It soon opened up where I was able to see my tire, and the hapiness continued. We were losing the trail from time to time which was a bit frustrating but all the more reason to get in there to rake. Across the road and the last stretch of single track ahead of us. All went well and back to the parking lot we were where I parted ways and rode home. Two great rides in the last two days and can't wait for the next! Got new tires coming today, I can't wait for the rain to stop to get back out there!

Hale goody

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