Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Triple Threat

So it wasn't much of an impressive ride list but it was riding none the less. After the moving process of the last month it felt great to get out and let some steam off. With the insane amount of humidity this weekend not much steam got let out. The stupid mosquitos drove me absolutely nuts this weekend as well with they're biting antics and the sores and itchiness it left me with tuesday morning. With that said the trails were great! I started off saturday at Case and it was a great ride as usual, I really like riding there it never gets old. I spent the next day at Nathan Hale which as some of you may know is a short minute down the road from me. I got my buddy Bentley to go with me and show him that we don't have to get in a miserable car ride in order to go biking. I hope his enthusiasm starts to increase before a ride because right now he shows no excitement before getting into the car. I hope this is to blame with his motion sickness and not his lack of fun during a ride. We tore up there in the mosquitos and humidity and made it out ok. Monday was a shorty, Bentley was slower than he has ever been and I don't know if it was due to the ride the day before which was nothing impressive or was due to some other thing. So we did a short ride at a slow pace to accommodate his needs. I actually found a really great loop this way and look forward to linking it to some other trails to make a bigger loop. All in all it was a great weekend and with alot of rain this week who knows when I will be out at it again. Hope for it soon!

Case reunion

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Hale with bentley

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Hale quicky

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Hartford, Connecticut


  1. That has got to be sweet having trails right down your street!!

  2. For the next 11 months I must abuse the privilege! It is a dream come true, now I just have to work closer so I can ride more