Monday, October 3, 2011

Nemba Gay City to Case

I decided to join in on a event that N.ew E.ngland M.ountain B.iking A.ssociation was hosting at Gay City park called fall fiesta. I had heard from John that he was attending the expert ride at 8am this morning and it encouraged me to get there and ride. I woke 6:30 in the morning on the fiesta and looked for signs of rain since it was expected that day at some point and the roads were dry so it was on. Got the car loaded up and off we went. Shortly after getting on the road little drops were falling on my windshield and in denial I was blaming it on the dew falling from the trees but soon as I got close to the park it began to rain steady. I drove by the tent and saw only 8-10 people and was suprised how little people were there. I spotted John and went into the tent to seek refuge from the cold an rainy. It began to downpour soon and I had no hope for the ride. 20 minutes later the rain stopped and the sun was out, it then went to mostly cloudy skies on and off but the ride was on. Everyone got geared up and off we went, 10 minutes into the ride I was caked in mud and dirt which would accompany me the next three hours of riding. We were off on a loop into Case to ride whatever dry friendly trails we could find, all 7 of us. After a mechanical we lost one and the six of us contiued in the nasty conditions. I hung in the back of the pack having a terrible time with singlespeed and my new tires that weren't broken in. Going down tinti I got bit by another stupid bee, this is my third one in the last two weeks and it really really really really pissed me off. I retained my anger and pedaled on despite slick rocks and walking spots I wanted to ride. It was a really frustrating ride for me but none the less I was happy I was there and riding somehow. I think we were going to do much more miles but I think due to weather and trail conditions we ended up back at the tent after 16 miles which left me somewaht relieved from spending another hour in the mess. I hopped into the car to quickly get home and relax the rest of my sunday, I had plans do some trail raking at nearby hale but due to laziness it never happened........

Nemba gay city to case

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