Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Almost Birthday

As a Mountain Biking nut you can imagine there is quite a bit of mountain biking schtuff I want. With my birthday around the corner my wife could hardly contain herself with my gift so last night she gave in. My wife who is most awesome, decided to make a great investment in one of only two spots my body makes contact with this mechanical device called a bike. I had not even thought of making an heavy investment into this area but like all areas of the bike it all adds up in the end. She bought me these amazing and when I was amazing I am not exaggerating one single bit, these 510 Impact shoes are nothing but a work of art. From its construction it is very very impressive. I have been getting by the last few years with various skate shoes that have been successful and some have failed but now my future looks bright with these shoes. I am sad to put such a beauty to such hard work but I guess that's what they are for. Thank you hotty you are amazing!

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