Thursday, October 27, 2011

Line St @ Case

Got out on another ride before the rain and possibly snow hits! Before the ride I was at the vets with Bentley, he has been having small vomits in his mouth on and off for the last few weeks. They come and go and never make it out of his mouth and all else is normal. So with a few acid blocker medicines we hope he is on the way to a speedy recovery. Paul joined us at 5:30 for the ride at Line st which is a different location than we normally start off from which was cool. We headed off and my legs were feeling terrible. The last ride was the day before and I have certainly ridden more and less and not felt so crappy. Powered through the warm up and the legs were not offering much power but at least the sore was over. Made our way to purple from the summit and then shot down mountain until we had to start climbing back up which lead up to par 4 which going in this direction was more of a par 10 for me. After taking that beating we were back on blue on some familiar ground and making up some distance. Blue is one rocky mother, I always feel bad for Bentley riding behind me with those tall rocks, but when he comes home and I look him over he appears unscathed. Which lead me to wonder if I put a light facing the rear of my bike if it might offer him some great vision or just blind him. Anyway the ride continued and Paul led us down the the reservoir where we headed uphill and rode the fun trail up on the hillside. I have yet to hear a name for it, but it's a fun new smooth downhill trail. I am desperately missing steep mountains and long downhills. I miss Utah riding tremendously, the early morning climbs into the alpine wilderness and the never ending 2,000ft descents. I enjoy riding in CT for sure but the riding around Salt Lake I would take any day! After we were done descending we hit the reservoir where we made our way back to the car. A solid mellow ride that lasted two hours and some 10 miles was an accomplishment on my tired legs. Rain and maybe even snow on the way tonight as well as Saturday so riding is not looking good for this weekend........Oh yea, my brake lever bolt popped out of place and left me without a brake so I popped a stick in it's place and it worked great!

Line st @ case

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