Friday, October 21, 2011

Rad At Grayville

Got out last night since my cold has passed and it was a good ride. My riding lately has been hit or miss but I was on target last night. We met at 5:00 with Paul and my pooch Bentley and set off. The ride began with some smoothie single track that lead down hill and it was good. Came across a few bridges no wider than 2x4's one after another which was pretty tricky but me and Paul did a very very good job nailing them in the first try. We pedaled on and began uphill and Paul began to pull away. The full suspension felt great under me all squishy and I realized I need to ride this bike much much more. Started to loop north and was on some trail I have not set tires on yet and it was really good. We stopped off to a side trail and had a log session and I nailed a tricky log ride on the first two attempts, and sure enough when I got my camera rolling I failed the next attempt. We moved on and eventually hit some forks where we rode some really great rock sections that were a lot of fun. We kept making loops and back tracking in the area since we were both unfamiliar with the area but it was good. After two hours and lots of time on my gps I was ready to head home and we finally found a way to do so. The ride ended in an over grown trail that was more of a riverbed of small rocks than a trail. It was a very good ride indeed and can’t wait to get back there to ride again. The Gps went a little hay wire as it crossed a street way up north that we never touched but it has been acting up on me so I gave it a hard reset and hope for the best.

Grayville radness

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