Thursday, October 6, 2011

Breezy cool beautiful Case

The weather has finally subsided, the heat and humidity and most the biting insects have finally took it down a notch or two. A Tuesday ride I was planning on making got rained out unfortunately so that led to me posting up a ride for Wednesday night. Sure enough Paul thankfully posted up and wanted to ride, so we set off for a dry Case with strong legs and no gears and a dog. Wanted to take a different approach as usual to the trails so I headed around connecting some variations to mix it up and worked great. We climbed up mountain and headed through the middle of the common trails. The goal was to hit behind the reservoir hillside and that was where we headed. Ripped up to the top of the hill and descended in fashion. Lifted off a little rock and came down with not enough time top spare hitting a very sharp rock that I didn't think I hit all that hard but it was enough to send me flat on both tires which took me too long to fix. Got back going and began climbing up to tinti and sure enough the back tire is going squishy....I patched two holes already on that tube and was not going hunting for yet another, so I borrowed pauls tube to assure no more delays and off we went. Got to the top of tinti and down the power lines and back home we went. A very very good ride witha good mix of trails and some 15.1 miles was a good pull, I still had plenty left in the legs but it was time to shut the engines down.

Case of flats

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