Thursday, October 20, 2011


After a long long hot summer and fall! the stink in my helmet has overwhelmed me and so for the last few weeks I was keeping an eye out on chainlove for a dome piece. First off chainlove is the very very best thing to ever happen to the internet! The deals are plenty and incredible! You should see the list I have on chainlove and steep and cheap they are well above 50+ orders....... so after I missed a few deals due to not being familiar with some of the helmets and sizing last night I got fed up and pulled the trigger. It happens to be a Louis Ganrneu Edge Helmet, gray and orange which was not my first color choice but it was my only one. I found only one quick review quickly and what it had to say was good enough for me. Although it's just an helmet I have had ones I have worn that make me look foolish so yes I do care that the helmet looks good.....this thing has crazy amount of large vents which will be great for next summer. My Fox flux I currently have I have been ok with, it never fits real snug on the dome with it's design. While it is a sleek stylish helmet I was slightly disappointed with it's $100 price tag. I will not retire the flux since it will serve as my go pro helmet. I need a helmet dedicated to the helmet mount since I cannot keep replacing my night riding light with the go pro mount. My days in the rank filled flux are over, the stink use to even work it's way into my gloves from wiping sweat from my brow. I use to take the front three cushions off and soap them under water and then spray bleach cleaner after every ride and it would help but not prevent. I'm stoked got this thing for $53 shipped!

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