Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Goods at Grayville

Mighty fine ride today! Went back to Grayville with Paul and Bentley. We got riding at 10:30 and I had chosen to ride the full suspension once again which I was happy with my choice. We set off on the same route for the very beginning and then turned off onto a good mix of smooth single track that was really really nice. We then started uphill and I had more moves and made it up the stuff I failed the other day before. Found a few logs and got it on the helmet camera first shot....phew..... Hit a nice little drop and eyes some jumps for the next trip out. We checked out some other trails that seemed to lead to other trails but hurricane damage was still very present so we stuck to what we kinda knew. Rode quite a bit of stuff we haven't and found some stuff I was looking for. Ate some leaves on a ridiculously skinny log ride. Finished the loop with some fast twisty xc which was my favorite section and back to the car. The Go Pro was firing on all cylinders and I have spent this morning getting it edited roughly and figuring out how to do this. I hope it is well enjoyed and look forward to getting better at it.


Greyville goods loop

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