Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Hurt At Bigelow

Another great sunday ride for the most part. Set off at 9:30 with a few of the regualrs for a full pull at Bigelow. In the begining things were going ok, but they soon turned into a vicious cycle of un coordination and shitty bike riding. I spent the first hour of the trail trying to keep up, but being sent to my pedals way more than I ever have in this park it made a tough day. Not to mention the legs were never really there in the first place but I trucked on. By the time we made it around breakneck I was getting over most of my frustration but it soon came back. I walked so much and was hating my 32-21 gearing. But i continued on despite the day I was having and when we finally took a long enough brake for me to sit down and get some water into my system I felt like I regained some steam but that was only to be taken from me when we began to climb Mashpaug overlook. One beating hill after another, stepping off, walking I had it with myself and was looking forward to the car. It was a beautiful day for sure, while alot warmer than i would have liked, being around 80 degrees in mid october was strange but it was an annoyance with my bacteria stank filled hemlet. We did eventually hit the car where I packed up and headed the heck home to try to get some relaxation before work came monday morning. Would I do it again.....yes.....

Bigelow ass woop

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