Friday, October 7, 2011

Goofing at Trmbull

An old friend of mine I have not seen in quite some years I found out he was a mountain biker and we setup to ride Trumbull after work Thursday night. He was running a little late so I set off into the woods to bring back old memories. I had been here once this year in the last 6 but before that I spent some time in these woods with my first rides on my Kona Dawg and Specialized Rock Hopper. I found some rocks to play on and a few ramps and was having fun. There is a bit of features in this small park that are a lot of fun to play with. I made my way7 back to the car to meet with Lawrence and then set off. Rode some blue and yellow and stopped for sessions in between. It was really fun to not have any ride time or length goals just simply to ride and play around on the features in between. I eyed the green monster and told it I will be back very soon to conquer it. Got out of the woods just before dark and headed home. Looks like Saturday is going to be a day with my lady so maybe sneak an early morning ride out at Hale or shall I say home.

Goofing off trumbull

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