Monday, October 10, 2011

Salmon River Morning

Got Paul to follow me into Salmon River to ride some of their great trail network on saturday morning. It was an early morning with my alarm going off no earlier than a work day but I was pumped to ride. We met at the Air Line trailhead at 8:30 and set off with bentley leading. We quickly hopped onto trail and began uphill on some good trail that quickly broke into doubletrack atv stuff. Nothing fancy on the way up, but when we arrived at the top I couldn't wait to get to heading down. These trails are built by a mountain biker and I had the privilage of meeting the main guy who also happens to build belltown bikes, a very custom fabricated sweet 29er.......We had his group of three set off in front of us, and then we descended. Everything was so nice and smooth and twisty and Paul was enjoying it quite alot as well. We caught up with the guys where they wanted us to ride a new trail that needed some traffic so we agreed and rode. It was alot like the other trails and as expected antoher good trail to the network. Set off on our own again we continued down until we were back at the rail trail and we headed further downhill to get into Day Pond park which is a solid ride day in there alone. I was short on time but commited to making my way into a part of the park anyway. Everything after what we just rode was bonus miles. We got onto blue and began a steep ascent which ended in me walking most of it. Got to ride just a little bit more before we had to turn around and head down which was a sweet quick downhill some road and then back uphill through the pines to the rail trail and then the car. A very very good ride that left my bike beat up but so far nothing major is broken.

Salmon river goodies

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