Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hale Night Time

Met up with Paul and Pat for a ride last night at Hale for 5:30. Had a quick ride from the house to the trail with Bentley running by my side. That ride from my house to Hale never gets old. Gears were slipping away as my bike has gotten sick of politely asking for a tune up. I now am down to the small ring since my middle ring keeps spitting the chain off onto the lower gear when it's under heavy torque. Also the tires have been rubbing on the chasis and I am definitely going to size down to 2.4inch next set of tires. Now that my frustration is kind of out on with the ride. We took a loop that had us doing counter clockwise and with some newish stuff thrown in there. I love this ride and have become familiar with it it gets better every time, having the gears has been very very nice lately. The Single speed has some kind of resistance in the bottom bracket so both bikes are giving me trouble right now. Which makes seeing that tanuki on all the much more desperate. The ride was good and things began to get dark as we climbed up and up and up and then things mellowed for awhile which was really nice. I have never ridden the last bit of trail before squiggle reverse like we did, it was very enjoyable and flat which is always nice for me. I was playing catchup most the ride with Bentley by side on and off. No matter how much I ride I just don't have the stamina most the guys I ride do, I wonder what I am doing that seems to make me a bit slower. I always have been slower in the rides and continue to always be and I am ok with that I just wonder if I did something different would I be faster....... Bentley stays a lot more organized when I am in back and I enjoy his company. He has been very enthusiastic on rides lately and it makes me quite happy. I pedaled on home in hopes of a ride tonight before the rain comes home.

Hale cool night

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