Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday Good Day

Set off Friday morning on a ride with Bentley and his new friend a weimerener Kala and my wife's cousins husband Randy. Randy rides road bikes here and there and is a runner and hasn't ever mountain biked. I was expecting a slow ride and take him on the easiest trails I could find at Hale. After a short bit on on the way to squiggle this guy was killing it! He took really naturally to mountain biking which left me very impressed. Because he had no problem putting his tires over all the rocks and logs and his cardio was real good. After squiggle I gave him the option as to what kind of ride he was looking for an was content so we set out for the slick rock end of the park. The temperature was amazing and the day was really sunny and could not have asked for a better day. We started to really get cranking uphill and as any human should it took some work and he handed it great, I was still in shock of the skills that Randy had for being so new to the trails. By the time we were among the last hill I decided to walk and he was ok with that. We rode the ridge and shot down and hit the road and back up to squiggle and out of the woods we went. He wasn't very phased by the ride but had enjoyed it greatly which made me glad I invited him to ride in the first place.

Ride with randy

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