Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thowback Tuesday

Here we are again, this time I have been able to get it done on the anticipated day and I am sure my 1,000 followers are pleased.....haha anyway here we go.

Blackhawk Trail-Utah Valley-July 27 2009

So I was a young lad sick of life in CT and obsessed with snowboarding and in need of a change. I had never been to Salt Lake City but I was on a flight there due to moving to Whistler falling through. I arrived and within 30 minutes of leaving the airport I already confirmed a room rental and then enjoyed the next few days. I found myself in a crappy hotel with time on my hands so I set off in my rental car to rent a bike and find a trail. I did some research online and somehow of all the trails 10 minutes away I ended up 60 minutes away up a mountain valley in Payson Canyon. I got to the trail and immediately hit impossible clay. This stuff was so bad, it stopped my wheels from being able to turn and made even walking hard not from sinking but from the amount of clay protruding outwards form my shoes. This was a fail on the Blackhawk Trail but 2 years later I will get my revenge. Knowing my previous try on this ride I picked my day wisely and arrived and began to pedal. The trail was absolutely beautiful and lush on a nice summer day. These trails were not frequented by Mountain Bikers and more so by horses and cows so you can imagine some of the trail I ran into. I had to spend a lot of time finding out where the heck I was a lot of the time but I think I hit all I needed to. By the time I made my way to where I knew was going to be a long descent, I could see into the valley the dark clouds forming and flashes of light. My heart sank as I know how dangerous the afternoon storms in the mountains in the summer can be so I sped down the trail in hopes to getting to the car asap. Despite my best efforts I ended up riding back in a scary thunderstorm saying prayers on the way there. I arrived to the car after pedaling a few miles on a road that I wasn't anticipating in a thunderstorm. Amazing ride!

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