Thursday, November 17, 2011

Throwback Thursday

My bad, my laptop runs off the wireless network at work and since that's down, so is my pictures on it. So let's try this one again.

Ridge Trail 157-American Fork Canyon Utah
Ok so this ride was on a warm July 31st summer morning, it is located up American Fork Canyon, and that canyon is located just south of Salt Lake City in the Utah Valley. This was my very first trip into the area and I had high expectations since I read up on it. America Fork Canyon is open to ATV and Motorcyclists so it gets it's share of abuse, but these mountains are among the closest to civilization but the most hardcore of rough mountain riding and views. The mountains behind Mt.Timpanogos have always felt like a very special place, like all areas of the state, even 20 miles south of the famed cottonwood canyons lies a different world. This trip I had a route planned and while it wasn't the best it did work. The climb us to the top was a mother, I hiked my bike basically for an hour to reach the top, my mistake on the starting point, but at this early time in the morning it was a honor to enjoy the morning take effect, as the wildflowers and aspens began to glow and the damp air relieved giving scents of local plants. When I did arrive to the top where I began to pedal it was filled with meadows, alpine forests and moondust. Rain fall is scarce in the summer even for the mountains which leads to something called moon dust which I think you can imagine what it appears like. Enough blabbing onward with the photos.....

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  1. pedaling ginger,
    I love your passion for the sport and Im happy you share such good memories with your readers, please keep the topless action coming!