Monday, November 14, 2011

Into the erie night

Arrived to the Line St trailhead ahead of time for mine and Paul's night ride, got out to get the bike out of the trunk and could not help but feel spooked. It's strange how the night spooks me so easily, but with the company of another that spook is non existent. Anyway we met up at 5:45 and got rolling before 6:00 for a ride. The air was warm and extremely pleasant to have this time of year, I know nights like these are numbered so it was a really nice night to get out to the trails. I had missed a sunday ride due to my knee injury but by mid day I was feeling 90% better so I knew if monday worked I was getting out. The lights lit up the trails as clear as day with all the leaves down and little to distract the view in this distance. The trails were covered in sheets of leaves which made things a little tricky in spots. The challenge was welcomed and kept me on my toes. Making up a route as we go we ended up coming across some small debris which was easily removed and then it was clear for awhile and then as we headed up the hillside things got down right ugly. The fire road looked like a war zone. Despite the down trees we continued and got some relief after 50 yards of downs. It was clear for awhile until we hit the hillside and lost trail 4-5 times. Frustrated but still having a good time we went around the reservoir and opted out of tinti since the carnage got the best of me and I was happy with what we already rode. Made the way back to the car and had that smile that could not be unwashed from my face, feels funny to be having such a good time just out riding my bike and how truly happy it makes me feel sometimes, I hope all mountain bikers can enjoy the thrill and rewards that are made on the trail. Even if that is that cadence, or lap time, or slick tight team outfit it all comes down to the rewards we reap on the trails. By the way Paul is the man and he will be a sorely missed riding friend next month. He nailed this log in the dark and I finally got one of his on film!

Into de night case

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  1. Good stuff Brandon! Great ride as usual. Thanks for the recap and the expert photography.