Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Me and Paul met up at 6:00 at Grayville Falls last night for a ride. Each time I ride this location I enjoy it more and more every time! The temperature was dropping quick for this guy in shorts and T shirt but by the time we got cranking the body took care of the rest. We started off on the normal very smooth very flat first mile, it's about the most mellow beginning to any trail system I have ridden so it makes a great warm up. I began chasing Paul's 22 tooth cog uphill and was failing on my 20 but that's usual. Didn't nail the bridges like I would have liked but hey it was dark out right. The legs were strong as we cranked up the north end of the park where we always seem to get confused with the network of trails but made our way the the fricken awesome smooth rocky schtuff on the far end of the park. In the night it makes riding that terrain very fun, at soem point we came across a log log that Paul has conquered so he nailed it and then I had a go at it. It's pretty cool doing the features under the light's, so far it hasn't made things any more difficult to do in the dark necessarily but I still think we get bonus points. After we both got some video on it we moved on. By now I was looking to make the way back to the car and Paul led us to an awesome down hill thrill, well maybe a moderate downhill, I mean for east coast standards. We were flying through the woods twisting left and right it was awesome, and then we missed a turn and ended up riding a nice trail that was in the opposite direction but was really fun and seemed to have lead to a game of chase as we sped out of the woods. Another really great ride on a really good night, these are numbered and I know it and am tremendously thankful all the stars aligned for the ride.


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